We offer a wide range of snack products with your choice of grains, flavors, shapes and sizes, that can be prepared in a wide range of cooking techniques, and finished off to match almost any imaginable taste profile. Snacks may be sweet or savory, baked or fried, made from a wide range of processed grains or whole grains or multigrain, and produced in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Our freshly made, traditional or organic snacks are custom prepared to your defined specifications. Snack Innovations' Research and Development team can assist you in choosing the right snack elements for your business criteria. Our food scientists are ready to help you choose the best shape, size, snack grain, etc... and formulate custom seasonings and snack blends to match your specifications.

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Our innovative snack products can be found at fine food stores all across America. We are passionate snack enthusiasts, perpetually creating distinctive flavor rich snack products, using only quality ingredients.

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