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Private Label, Co-Packing and Contract Manufacturing

Build your Brand with Snack Innovations

Retailers as well as CPG Brand owners turn to Snack Innovations for a complete Turnkey Private Label Solution we provide the total Private Label process cycle. Product Development, R&D, planning, product and packaging design, ingredients statement, nutritional fact panel, production, packaging, crating and shipping your custom snack product. From inception to completion, we will turn your inspired snack food ideas into a successful reality.

You can trust Snack Innovations as your source for quality snack products that meet all Food Safety and Quality standards. Our QA Team is always on duty, performing ongoing analysis to ensure that your products are safe, consistent and meet our quality standards. Snack Innovations understands how important your brand is to you. We partner with you to scale your brand and products and take your business to the next level. Whether you want a complete duplicate of a National Brand product, an elevated version of it, a completely new innovative custom snack product, or anything in between, we will design, create, and produce it to your specifications every time.

Snack Innovations produces over 30,000 tons of popped snack food products each year. We have the experience, expertise and equipment necessary to manufacture your product efficiently, while maintaining the highest quality and food safety standards.

We currently operate 24 hours a day, 5 days a week running on 3 shifts and producing snacks on 10 production lines. As you grow, we grow with you; and we are committed to adding more capacity and production lines to meet consumer demand.

Private Label vs. Co-Packing



In a nutshell, the end goal of both private label and co-packing is the same, which is to produce great products that consumers will enjoy and purchase often. But to further differentiate what solution works best for you, here are the main differences.

  • MOQs: Depending on your projected annual volume, smaller volumes tend to lean towards the private label track.  
  • FORMULATIONS: Are you coming in with a product you'd like to scale or are you looking for the many commercially ready recipes that we have spent numerous R&D hours to perfect?

Reach out to us with your product idea, and our dedicated team will recommend which path will garner you the most success. 

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Let our team of experts turn you snack dream into reality. Reach out to use with your query and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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